It's entirely possible, if you're here right now, that you took a wrong turn. Even so, I'm glad to have you.

INTJ; allergic to life; Actual Hobbit; Ravenclaw with a Slytherin bent.

It probably says something about me as a person that when I was in German II, and we were experimenting with the past tense, I volunteered to go up to the white-board and wrote, "Du hast nur Leid gebracht," with a smirk on my face.

I was the kid who wrote ten pages when we were asked for three (And I'm sure some of my teachers hated me for it.).

My first piece of fanfiction was written for an assignment when I was nine; I've known for years that I wanted to be a writer. Whether or not that means I'll ever actually publish something through official channels is anyone's guess.